Discussion Questions

  • What is parametric modeling and what are its limitations for modeling and forecasting?
  • What are some example of non-linear dynamics in ecology?
  • What is Empirical Dynamic Modeling and how is it different from parametric modeling?
  • Describe what is happenign with the Lorenz attractor (from the video)?
  • How does EDM address some of the limits of parametric modeling for forecasting ecological systems?
  • What are some potential the downsides of this approach?
  • Why is the Fraser River Sockeye Salmon fishery useful for comparing the EDM approach to parametric modeling approaches.
  • What is parametric approach that the EDM is compared to?
  • How do are forecasts from the Ricker model and EDM model compared?
  • How are environmental factors incorporated into EDM?
  • How do the different modeling approaches compare in this system?
  • Can EDM help infer the causal links among variables?