Instructor Notes


  • Instructors
  • Goals for the class
    • Forecasting is increasingly important
    • Difficult
    • Ecology hasn’t historically done this well
    • Need to study dynamics in order to understand this
    • Need to learn how to work with dynamic data
    • Learn from other fields dealing with similar problems
  • Students
    • Introduce yourself
    • Tell us what do you hope to get out of the class

How the course will run

  • Mix of paper discussion & R tutorials
  • Discussion
    • Read paper in advance
    • Questions to think about provided to help guide thinking while reading
    • Big group,
  • R tutorials
    • Introductions to methods for working with dynamic data and forecasting
    • I do, we do, you do
    • We will demonstrate a concept, have you follow along on your computers, and then have you do something very similar in class
  • 2 credit course so other than reading and installing packages for R tutorials most work will be in class
  • Grades
    • 50% participation
      • Participating in paper discussions in class
      • Alternatively you can submit written answers to the discussion questions
    • 50% R tutorials
      • Attending class is all that is required for R tutorials
      • If you can’t make class follow along with R tutorial notes
        • Will include some sections for you to complete on your own
        • Turn in the tutorial to Canvas

Introduction to the website

  • Intro to the website

Introduction to Canvas

  • Intro to Canvas

Questions about the course

  • Any questions about how the course is going to work?

Opening discussion

  • What kinds of forecasts are you familiar with?
  • What do these forecasts for us and our society?
  • Do we think we can forecast successfully in ecology?